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Do you want to boost you router from a home consumer product into a professional one?


I love TP-Link hardware and in special way I love the possiblity to mod them installing open source firmwares instead the official ones.

I've recently replaced my not functioning TP-Link WR1043nd (with ddr-wrt fw installed on) with a new WDR4900.

What I like of this router is the power and the capabilities, but I think that the tp-link firmware is horrible and it severely penalizes this fantastic hardware.

So I've waited a long time for the availabilityof a dd-wrt firmware for this router.

Yesterday I've finally discovered that there is a dd-wrt version for WDR4900 and I was relly tempated to install it asap.




Update 15:56:22 2014-02-25

At the moment the project has been moved to the betas folder: 






Here you can find all the firmwares classified by year.

Of course our selection will be the 2014 folder.



Chose the last release.

Right now (02-25-2014) the new build is the r23598, so click on the folder and search for your your WDR4900 V1 name as shown in the next picture.


Here we find two files.



Since we are starting flashing the DD-WRT for the first time we have to choose the factory-to-ddwrt.bin file.

The other file (tl-wdr4900-webflash.bin) is suitable only for the router update. So keep attention to download the right one:




Important Note

I reccommend to follow the previous steps in order to find always the latest possible firmware.

But if you need a fast way to reach the specific r23598 folder here is the link:





In order to flash the dd-wrt firmware we need to upload the new firmware trough the web administratoin page.

To access the configuration utility, open a web-browser and type in the default IP address (in my case it is in the address field.

After a moment, a login window will appear. Enter admin user id and password then click the OK button or press the Enter key.



Choose menu “System Tools → Firmware Upgrade”, and then you can update the latest version of firmware for the Router on the following screen

Enter or select the path name where you save the downloaded factory-to-ddwrt.bin on the computer.
Click the Upgrade button.

Important: Do not turn off the Router or press the Reset button while the firmware is being upgraded. Loss of power during the upgrade could brick your router. 


The upgrade process takes a few moments and the Router restarts automatically when the upgrade is complete. 

The Router will reboot while the upgrading has been finished

Compliments! Now we have a professional router.

Connect to the router again (the new router ip address will be

A window will remember you that you need to protect your router with an user name and a password.

So choose carefully  your credentials and remember them.


After this we can configure the router.


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Francesco Balsamo is an electronic engineer specialized in Telco and IT.

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  • Guest - Daniel


    I have the WSR4900 and I don't like the original firmware, too. The biggest problem I have is with the USB-Storage. There is no possibility to have different user-rights to different folder. For example, let's say I have two folder at my USB-device and I have two different users. With the origininal filrmware, only both or no user has access to folder A or folder B. But I want the following: User A only has access to folder A and user B has acces to folder A and folder B. Can I do this with the dd-wrt firmware? Sorry for my bad english ;)

  • Hi Daniel, thanks for your comment.
    The answer is yes.
    With ddwrt firmware there is the NAS function that permits to define folders to share and users.
    After this you can assign to each user the rights to access to the specific folder using the ftp and samba protocol.
    I'll publish soon something on this argument.

  • Guest - Daniel

    Hi and thanks for your quick answer.

    I have now installed dd-wrt without any problems. But I have only found the possibility the share a hole partition of an external USB storage. I did following: At Services/NAS I have enabled "Core USB Support" and "USB Storage Support". after plugin my harddisk I got the following message:

    /dev/sda1 mounted to /tmp/mnt/sda1

    Now I have two users configured under Services/NAS/Users. But at the File Sharing section, I only can shar the whole partition and not a special/single folder of the HDD. Have I looked at the wrong settings?

  • Guest - javi

    I want to buy this router. Works fine with dd-wrt firmware???

  • I've installed the DDWRT fw and since now no great problems. Sometimes the web interface disappears for a while, but no big issues.

  • Guest - spyfly

    i have a 4900, i have put dd-wrt. dd-wrt not work fine. I have a 200mbps download conection, when i make 2 or 3 speedtest 4900 die.

    Not ping, not web interface, not internet. I have to unplug.

    I want to put serie firmware, but i don´t know how. When I select serie firmware in dd-wrt menu not work, and 4900 reboot with dd-wrt. no serie firmware.

  • Hi, Have you tried to Restore Factory Defaults of the router? You can find the option in the Administratin tab.
    In addition, try the new fw R.23082 avalaible at this url:

  • Guest - Ben Prestwood

    im also replacing my broken WR1043nd (with dd-wrt of course) with a new WDR4900 :D

  • Guest - Peter


    I cant find the dd-wrt wersion for wdr4900, and on dd-wrt site it is not on supportet routers list. any advice?

  • Hi,

    sorry for the late answer, but I was "out of service" due to a tremendous flu.
    You are right. The ddwrt firmware has been mooved into the betas folder.
    You can find the latest release at this url:

    WDR4900 DDWRT r.23598

    Comment last edited on about 7 months ago by effebal